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Dr. Chandra Shekhar Sharma Acharya

Born in small village Bhavi of Meerut district in UP. Blessed with high quantum of sub conscious mind by virtue of early age meditation experience. Started meditation and healing experience at age of 12. Healing experience gained by serving more than 50 injured dogs, animals and cured many people by healing and reiki. Started Learned Palmistry and spirituality in class 7. Broke a 50 year record of CCS School at Patla Gzb by scoring highest ever marks in High school UP Board in year 1998.

Cleared Polytechnic Exams many times but not joined because of financial struggle. Joined Indian Navy as Instructor and as Engineer Officer by serving Eastern, Western , Southern Naval Commands and visited 8 counties. While in Indian Navy was awarded as best speaker, best poet, best instructor and scored highest in academic performance.

Awarded Chief of Naval Staff Commendations for dedication and conducting various events for long time. Awarded for Conducting Yoga International Day for Indian Navy. Retired from Ministry of Defence and initiated a 32 Skill development institute cum NGO.

VAA Global Foundation , ISO Certified. Awarded PhD in Astrology and 7 Chakra Science. Did Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy and awarded various decorations and trophies for Best Scientific Astrologer ,Best in providing effective Remedies,Awarded Acharya designation for various thesis on astrology and 7 Chakra . Written many Motivational books on Mind,7 chakra, Women, Astrology, Children Sanskaar, Life Skills and Religion.

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Know About Dr. Chandra Shekhar

¬†I was declared just dead at the age 2 and my grandfather screamed for me and shouted on to god to save my life …he taken continuous rounds around me until my breath restored …

It was a miracle witnessed by 3 MBBS doctors while declaring dead.
 Whenever I see a animal or bird in trouble.. My emotions starts overflowing to help it,got my first prize of my life while my tears were flowing onto my second hand oversize shirt.

I got a English Hindi dictionary from Bhargwa publication. I just started learning English language in 7 th class. I was really so happy after getting a small pocket dictionary. After school I had to go directly to fields not to home for lunch …my lunch was sugarcane of fields. I showed my dictionary first to my grandfather was also not aware of meaning of prize bcz he was not exposed to school and the world beyond fields of wheat and sugarcane.

Whenever I went to temple , I used to sit there to think about world

And while thinking my eyes were closed and my mind started travelling to different world

After hours, from this meditation, I failed to understand who m I and where I am now, who are others around me. It also follows a weep and cry sometimes like a new born baby.

This experience made my subconscious stronger

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